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Publisher Name :Jose Miguel Garcia Ramirez
Organization Contact :University of Granada
Language :Spanish
Start Year :2012
Discipline :Higher Education
Frequency :Annual
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Country :Pakistan
About Journal :ReiDoCrea is an open-access interdisciplinary journal of research in Higher Education. The aim of this journal is to improve the quality of university teaching through the publication of research studies jointly carried out by university students, researchers and faculty. The collaboration is a key component of the process, as it encourages and promotes creativity in the acquisition, development and dissemination of knowledge. The intention of this journal is to create a visible indicator of Quality Assurance in Higher Education. The journal uses the Institutional Repository of the University of Granada, Digibug, as an archive for all the articles. Therefore Digibug is used to search for the articles. ReiDoCrea was created as a Teaching Innovation Project through the University of Granada called: "CREATIVE TEACHING: A motivational strategy through the dissemination of knowledge", based on Scardamalia and Bereiter's Theory of Knowledge Building.
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